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27 April, 2014 – FamilyVideo

Proud of my movie star Maxime

12 April, 2014 – InspirationVideo

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis: Never Let Success Get in the Way of Creativity from 99U on Vimeo.

9 April, 2014 – ThoughtsVideo

Know anyone who thinks racial profiling is exaggerated?

My thoughts…

To my self it is awfully clear that I can get away with a lot, based on my sex and skin colour. That feeling alone can make you believe in your own supremacy. And take advantage. And fight to keep your position and privileges, on the expense of others. One big, sad thing is that society even support the fight for those undeserved privileges.
And call it rights.

Some times these advantages are well disguised for the person who has been born with them.
And we take the privileges for granted. Cause they are so many and sometimes subtle, if only to us in possession of them. Me, I didn’t ask for those privileges but I am here much thanks to them. The challenge is to un ask these privileges. Without getting stuck on a guilt trip. Just un ask them. Tell why it is wrong to give them to me. Until these privileges apply to every body. And sees to exist.