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16 November, 2014 – FamilyInteriorPortfolioPress

Happy memories, strong colours and safe lions


Today’s paper. A lovely documentation of our life at home. Also a great thank you and farewell to the flat that has been our home the past six years. I am so grateful for the freedom it has given us.
In a couple of months we are moving to a bigger place, with two bathrooms, a full size fridge and a dish washer. Our humble little crib has sure been well documented, in books, magazines and even advertisement.
The attention is a bit of a mystery to me but I am of course very flattered. And Thankful.

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28 September, 2013 – FamilyikeaInteriorPortfolioPress

Home & family

Autumn covers cover IF.3 IF.4 3IF preserving.IF
27 September, 2012 – FamilyikeaInteriorPortfolioPress

at home with ikea LIVE magazine

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