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30 September, 2014 – Art directionFriendsGraphic designIllustrationMusicPortfolio

Rani Nair


Collaborating with my friend Rani again.
We did our very first project together in 1997 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London.
It was an art event/club night. I made a four meter tall Shiva in Paper Mache, wall projections and hand printed invites. Rani performed, inspired by Indian classical dance to a mix of ragas and Drum and Base, DJ:ed by Saul and Mukul. We have since enjoyed several collaborations.
Rani is a dancer and choreographer, but probably best described as an artist as her talents are many and vary. To work with her is like playing, having fun.

22 September, 2014 – FriendsGraphic designMusicPortfolio

dancing Lund!


Rani Nair is gathering creative people with good spirits and visions to establish a local net-work as she has taken on the challenge to establish a platform for dance, (in it’s widest definition) in our home town Lund. Me and Lund are very Lucky to have her back.

28 March, 2013 – MusicTravel

Music everywhere