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26 September, 2014 – Art directionGraphic designikeaPortfolioReading

ikea stylebooks

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pages-from-flow_contemporary-550x202 popular_classic-550x193

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At ikea we work with a set group of styles. My challenge was to create a book for each of the twelve styles, that can be used as a reference within the company. Like a recipe book, making the ingredients stand out and their history as well as significans clear.

24 July, 2014 – Graphic designIllustrationPortfolioReading

Nomination – “Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities”


The book “Moa goes camping” by Ann Gomer and illustrated by me has been nominated by IBBY –
International Board of books for young people in category
“Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities”. Happy. Thank You Ann for involving me in one of your many worthwhile projects.

16 July, 2014 – InspirationReadingVideo

TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie