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19 January, 2015 – InspirationThoughts

It is monday and january – uplifting thoughts are invaluable


“There once was a time in our very own planet’s history, long, long ago, when the earth was truly a paradise. The diversity of life was as mind-boggling as it was spectacular. Flowers sprang up in impossible places. Birds and their songs filled the air over every continent. Snow, fog, showers, or sunshine added sometimes shocking and unexpected beauty to every setting. Animals were loved as family members. And complete strangers smiled and waved to one another, as it was everyone’s natural instinct to be kind, to give, and to love”.

And very little has changed.

31 December, 2014 – Personal

wishing you a good Happy NEW EXTRA EVERYTHING 2015

19 December, 2014 – Inspiration

Make art not war